One day, whilst going through and assembling old pictures in my room back home, I uncovered many childhood memories. Pictures of my previous summer holidays created a feeling of nostalgia; the sense of freedom and carelessness was something that I treasured the most.


“I feel like you were driving, but I can easily turn the memory around to make it feel like I was driving.” - Katrina Boemig


We have the urge to hold on to our memories, but can’t prevent them from fading or changing. “REWIND” reflects the appearing gaps in the memories of my summer holidays. I wanted to make a collage of my most cherished memories trough using my own holiday pictures and the memories of certain clothes from my childhood.


The starting point of each collection is an obsession with a certain material technique. My designs can be described as girly cartoonish. I believe clothes should be something playful and easy, they should be your source of happiness when you’re having a bad day. My love for designing clothes comes from the joy I had when playing with proportions and colours so that my inner child comes out.

In a world where fashion is sometimes seen as something too serious and heavy, I want to show it can also be breezy, comfortable, and easy.























































































































































































































































































































































































































































Photography: Liselotte Fleur
Models: Silke Hajunga & Evie Lukassen (future faces)

Make-up & hair: Emily Catherine visagie